Friday, December 25, 2009


I pon mcm mommy2 yg lain.. buat check list 4 Han party... hope xde yg misslook..

Well, let see...

- Khemah Arabic + Khemah kecik extra + khemah catering (Ok)
- Round Table + Chairs + Catering Table (Ok)
- Catering (Ok)
- MIL cook 1 dish (Ok)
- My mom 1 dish (Ok)
- Kuih2 (Ok)
- Buah2an (Ok)
- Party set eg Baloon, banner etc.. (Ok)
- Goody bags x 50 (Ok)
- Party hat x 50 (Ok)
- Photo cake by Ecar (Ok)
- 2 set cupcakes by Ecar (Ok)
- Kemas rumah (80%)
- Cat rumah ( lain kali, x sempat..hujan jer..)
- Send invitation via sms, FB, Blog & Face 2 Face (Ok)
- Baju mommy, babah & han during the big day Red + White (Ok)
- Ask relative & friends follow our dress code (Ok) ....heheheh....

Well, menu during Han's Birthday Party...

- Nasi Briani ayam + daging
- Beehoon goreng cina by MIL
- Bubur kacang + durian by my mom
- Fruits
- 2 jenis kuih
- Kek ambun
- Extra candy for kiddos
- Cakes & Cupcakes

Kalau ada yg misslook, nanti mommy update lg..

To han: Each year we celebrating your birthday with hope everything will go smoothly as mommy planned, everybody happy, you get enjoyment with lots of kisses & presents and its because we love & care you so much. Borderless for my love to my lovely son. Mommy will do everything to see you smile and happy. Love u so much dear.. we'll always be here for you.. forever...

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