Friday, February 5, 2010

My confession...

Mommy went to Jusco Aeon.. Opening today.
Mommy bought 3 large packet of mamy poko, mamy poko pant & drypers.. OFFER babe !!
Mommy ate at Kenny roger with officemate. BURP!!

Mommy saw:-

1) New swimming suite for han.
2) New crocs shoes for han.
3) New Polo Haus shirt for babah.
4) RM35 body shop voucher to redeem.
5) New sun glass for babah.
6) Lots of groceries.
7) Stage make up to explore.
8) New giordano dress for mommy.
9) New pyjamas at FOS for han.
10)New Nike shoes for mommy.


My heart says:

"Lagi bnyk shopping buka kat melaka ni, lg nipis purse mommy every month.. how i want to cure my penyakit that become worse month by month.. Im a SHOPPAHOLIC Mommy !!! Die la mcm nih... aiya...."

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