Saturday, June 27, 2009



27th June.. it's my bday.. Wish all the goodness will be park into my life as long as it can, insya-Allah.

On my bday..

  • I'm not alone... Di penuhi dengan sms yg bnyk from friends. tq so much dear for all the wishes.. Tq..

  • Lucky my hubby still remember the date and he made a wishes to me last nite.. sharp 1200 mid nite. Since he very the BZ with his works, AGM etc. Last year, a supprise cake for me TP hubby salah kira tahunnn.. sedey, he made my aged extra 1 years old. Uwaaa.. tawa dlm tangisan...

  • Since Thusday i berada di The Legend Hotel (in front of PWTC). Last year at Impiana Hotel (x best lgsung).. nasib baik Han ada.. xde la i melangok sorang2 kat sini.. Cayangggg anak mommy.... UUmmmahhh...

  • Till now, i haven't received any present yet.. hubby kata pospone dulu.. he too bz to buy me something.. x kisah la, dia dah ingat dah cukup bagusss... u dah hadiahkan i HAN, syukur alhamdullilah... i x demand apa2 pon lg.. (until futher notice).. hahahhaha

  • My parents, siblings and others fmly dah pon wish bday kat i.. ada yg call n ada yg sms jer.. Terharu pon ade.. ye la, rasa amat DIHARGAI..

  • Lalink, now oledi 1.30 pm.. i haven't take lunch yet.. too lazy to go out and Han still tdo.. Lapar.. tp hubby call td, dia menyelinap keluar jap dr meeting and will buy me a lunch..

  • One year come & go.. Im a women, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a women with carrier and yet will promise to become better & much better fromnow & onwards...



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  1. shinaaa!!! happy birthday!!! sorry, FS i dah xde sbb tu xde wish utk june's babies hehehe


TQ for your words. Very appreciate it!