Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ya ampun.. main tag2 pulak..

Ibu Fayyadh & Fathi, this special for you... layannnzzz...

A.Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse

Ni lagi lama dr purse shykin.. dah 04 years.. hehehe..

gambar utk kad nikah.. SKEMA gilerr..
B. Introduce your purse brand, price & where you buy.

PURSE BRAND: Alain Delon (leather)

PRICE: i dont know, present from hubby on my birthday 2006

BUY: Parkson Terminal One Seremban (he told me, x supprise dah)


C. Take out whatever its inside your purse

mcm2 ada... tgk la..

bnyk giler cards rupanya dlm purse i.. (just notice it masa snap pics wallet sendiri.. uweekk..)

kad bnyk, shopping pon bnyk, hujung bulan termenung..

jusco, toy 's' us, annakku, coffeebean, baiboo, sogo, bonus link, maxis..
ni cards yg penting.. wajib ada dlm purse..


D. Tagged other 7 persons.

sapa yg baca clog i, u'r TAGGED!
Comment on your friend’s (who tagged you) purse.

SHYKIN = ini la PURSE i.. huhu

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  1. wah..purse u lg lame... heheh. kalah i.. but u nye still cantek lg.. i da ade bulu2 terkeluar.. hhehheeh..


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